Hi floorball fans,

This blogspot was created by me, Paf, to provide you new leagues, teams and kits for the great and only floorball game by Prodigium Studios called Floorball League.
If you do not own the game yet, make sure to go on their website and buy their game.

Since I'm a musician I can't give this my whole time and so development is kinda slower than you might expect.
Also, my goal is to make as many new teams as possible, so this means (IMPORTANT!) that the kits can be like 90% accurate and rosters include real names but overalls are sometimes kinda RANDOM since I do not watch international floorball and I don't know anything about it, so if you don't like anything, just use the easy editor provided by Prodigium Studios and edit it yourself ;)

PS: this website is not officially affiliated with Prodigium Studios

pondělí 2. února 2015


Im really sorry for the long delay I cant explain it to you but Im really going through hard times in my life and I dont have much time to be on my computer and to work on patches for now. But it really doesnt mean this project will end, I will continue as soon as I get the chance :) but Im sorry guys you gotta wait, there is nothing to do.. sorry again and hopefully you wont get mad