Hi floorball fans,

This blogspot was created by me, Paf, to provide you new leagues, teams and kits for the great and only floorball game by Prodigium Studios called Floorball League.
If you do not own the game yet, make sure to go on their website and buy their game.

Since I'm a musician I can't give this my whole time and so development is kinda slower than you might expect.
Also, my goal is to make as many new teams as possible, so this means (IMPORTANT!) that the kits can be like 90% accurate and rosters include real names but overalls are sometimes kinda RANDOM since I do not watch international floorball and I don't know anything about it, so if you don't like anything, just use the easy editor provided by Prodigium Studios and edit it yourself ;)

PS: this website is not officially affiliated with Prodigium Studios

sobota 22. srpna 2015

little update

new little update guys, finished UHC Sparkasse Weissenfels and kits for Bivoj Litvínov ;)

sobota 6. června 2015

HC Rychenberg

HC Rychenberg Winterthur is done which means there are 3 teams left in Switzerland. Now the plan is probably to finish German UHC Sparkasse Weissenfels and then to make Bivoj Litvínov, promoted team for new Czech season. I'll see then, good night now :)

neděle 31. května 2015

Salibandyliiga 2015/16 finished

I've also finished promoted M-Team Salibandy so Salibandyliiga for 2015/16 season is ready for download too. Now I'm gonna work on Czech, Swiss and other smaller leagues.

SSL 15/16 released!

Okay, Prodigium is inactive and I may get an answer from them, but I can't get any help unfortunately because FBL project has ended. But what is the good thing - I managed to fix the problem myself, so SSL 15/16 should be fully working with GIK Gävle and Karlstad IBF and it's available for download now. Enjoy :)

sobota 30. května 2015

1000 visits

and by the way I have to post third thing for today and that is that we reached 1000 views on this site so thanks for visiting my mods and I hope you like and enjoy 'em.

Swedish League 2015/16

I have finished GIK Gävle and Karlstad IBF which you see in the posts below. But a little bug has occured so I wanna wait for possible Prodigium answer about this to solve that but I dont put a lot of hope to fixing this. The point is that after I deleted Höllvikens and Mora and added these 2 promoted teams, you see the new 2 teams two times each and that makes the league 16 teams with 2 Gävles and Karlstads but in the editor there is normally just once each. I hope we can fix it together with Prodigium and then I will upload new season for Swedish Superligan.

Karlstad IBF in the game